[DONE] Add table view for relation boxes

When I open a record of a database that has a relation with another database, in the relation box of the detils window I can use List views and Report views. With list view I can enable fields to be shown on the row of the list item but the row can became a mess and hard to read.
Like this screenshot:

To understand what values are, I have to hover with the mouse pointer on the value to let a tooltip appear.
It would be much useful to let a Table view be added in the relation box so that values are aligned in columns with header and meanings are easy to understand.

List view and Report view were the first to be released, but the other sorts of views are coming v soon :+1:


Thank you for your reply. Can’t wait to see this released :heart_eyes:
Hope table view is the first of the list :sweat_smile:

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