Disable Link items in Collection in Entity View

I have a related database and want people to be able to create new items in the database from the another items sheet but it first gives them an option to link to an existing item which then unlinks that item from a previous link as it is set to only be linked to 1 item.
Is there a way to limit them to create only instead of having a link option dropdown

Also on a related topic, It would be great to be able to have the item created with a user selectable value from another related database instead of them having to type an arbitrary name and they get them to select the item after opening it. I have preset “roles” for these position and i dont need the “name” field i just need to assign the “role” from that database.

Otherwise is there a way of disabling the “Link or Create” button

I have setup a button to be able to add the items correctly but people are going to hit this button and mess things up at times.


In fact it will be solved automatically when we will migrate Entity View into Blocks. In this case you will add Table View with Events Positions into Event View and in it only Add works by default.

We will have linking problem as a side effect, though :slight_smile: But we will think how to solve it.