Did autolink behaviour change?


When i started exploring Fibery in December I was delighted to discover that when i autolinked emails to contacts based on sender/contact email address (a many-to-one relation), it automatically created new contacts for new email addresses.

Today I discovered that this is no longer true. Try as i might, i cannot replicate that behaviour. Did something change? I did not see anything about it in the changelogs.

EDIT: i forgot to mention that a contact was created if the email address was not already in use by any contact or was linked to a contact if it already had that email address.

This was never working like that. Probably you had some automation or integration that was creating contacts. Do you use email integration for working with emails/contacts?

Auto-linking functionality just creates a link between entities, if they are matched by linking criteria.

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I must be misremembering, then. And i have no idea how i did it…

EDIT: yes, i was pushing some emails from M365 via Integromat.