Date before now

Can I filter by Do Date is on before now? If I have a task scheduled for today at 5pm I don’t want to see it at 10am.

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Like this?

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The filters (and formulas) in Fibery have maximum resolution of a day, so you can’t achieve it directly.
This is because any calculations/filtering that had greater resolution would result in so frequent recalculation that it would create a massive load on the service.

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No, that only accounts for day, not time.

Well dang. Unfortunately that’s a deal breaker for me using Fibery. :sweat: I need that for my task defer dates.

How do you/would you use that feature, if it were available? What are you trying to visualize?

I want to create a view that is filtered to only show incomplete tasks with a do date before now.

I understand that part - I was just wondering what your work process is that needs such a view –
I’m having a hard time imagining how I would need such a view, where I would see rows disappear before my eyes as the minutes tick by…

You actually could accomplish this with a simple Formula, BUT a view that filters on a dynamically changing value like this would not automatically refresh - it would only update when the page is manually refreshed or some other process causes it to re-fetch the records (which could be automated).

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Actually, I don’t think you can do it even with a formula, you would probably need to use a scheduled automation (every hour) but it is correct that…

Oh sorry, I misunderstood.

On any given day I might have 60-200 tasks and I need to be able to see only what is actionable at that moment. If I come to my daily tasks and see all 200… that’s unmanageable.

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I suggest using a formula that runs on a schedule and sets a flag based on the required criteria, since automations can compare date-time field values with Now()
Then set a view to filter on this flag.

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You can create a view that is Sorted by DateTime-Due, and filtered to only show incomplete items that are due before or after today/yesterday/tomorrow/etc.

@Chr1sG - will a view like this automatically update when one of its displayed rows changes status? I.e. when a Task is completed, and the View is filtering on Task status?

Also, a scheduled page refresh can easily be automated via a small browser script.

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I usually group tasks into projects, so a straight sort by date/time wont really help.

I’m sensing a theme here. That Fibery is powerful and can do a lot. But it takes so many weird and complicated workarounds to do things that should just work.


LOL Yes, depending on your expectations – the product can come off as a bit “young” compared to more mature tools, and it is still under heavy development. OTOH it also offers a lot of ways to customize/work around missing features.

For example, the Fibery team has prioritized implementing basic (and advanced) features over having a highly polished and consistent “professional level” UI. There are some die-hard Fibery fans (like myself) who think this decision scares off a lot of potential customers. :cry:

Another example: a lot of scripting is necessary to implement some of the more “creative” awesome things that Fibery can do, but there is no centralized management for scripts, which makes script maintenance a nightmare :scream: – 100+ scripts scattered about, with no good way to find out where they exist or what’s in them, no script libraries or globals, very difficult debugging, etc.


One way of looking at it is like a box of Lego.
If you want a toy car, you’re going to have to do a bit of work to get something usable, and even then it won’t look as pretty as an off-the-shelf toy car.

Or it’s a swiss army knife, which means you will be able to chop branches, file your nails and open a bottle of wine, but for none of these activities will the experience be as good as if you had a chainsaw, manicure set and corkscrew.
Some people want a shed full of tools, some people like to travel light :slightly_smiling_face:

With that in mind, you will always be able to find a tool that does some particular thing more easily/better/prettier than Fibery. But if there are a dozen processes you need to manage, you may find that a Fibery-based setup does all of them at a level you can live with.

There’s a lengthy discussion here in the community about what constitutes an acceptable level for any given function.

For me, part of the problem lies in that each user will have a different idea of what are the specific

“You can please all of the people some of the time, or some of the people all of the time, but…”


Are there any plans for more global/centralized automation management? It would make waiting longer for more native features a LOT more bearable and less chance of eventual abandonment of the platform for people I think.

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