Create Wiki from a database

Hi all,

I’m new to Fibery and want to create a Wiki Log from a database table. I want to create a new log in the wiki every time a new entry is added to the table. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this?


Hi, can you explain the use case in some details please? I am not sure I get the problem so far. Thanks!

Do you mean that you want to create a database of entities, where each one represents the event of adding a new wiki entry?
It sounds like what is already available in the audit log… :thinking:

Yes definitely,
I created a form in Fibery to capture responses for information regarding the meetings that occur in my design team. For example: date, author, description of meeting, etc. I am currently storing these responses in a database for all the meetings that occurred. What I want to is format this database into a wiki sorted by date which would provide a organized way to view all the past meetings for the team.


Hi thanks for the response,

What I’m currently doing is gathering responses from a form into a database (Title, date, author, description, etc), and I want to create a wiki out of all the responses organized by date. Kind of like automating a blog.

Got it, there are several options.

  1. Create a List View with your database, show required fields and sort by date. It will look like this
  2. Alternatively, create Feed View and show content right away. It can be handy if there is not so many text in it, otherwise it can look not so great.
  3. Create a Smart Folder and sort database items here. It will look like this in left menu
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Thanks a lot, I’ll try it out.

Is there a way to put all database entries into one document? In my current smart folder I have two meetings (2 separate documents) that I wish to combine into one document. Then I could possibly use the table of contents to look through different meetings, kind of like a wiki.

Thanks for the help!

Here is the database for context:

The closest you can do (without manually combining them) is to use a feed view.

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