Create a record if fields in another record don't match

I have an automation that runs once a week and ensures that the next 4 sprints are always there and ready for planning (essentially, it just creates a sprint record and sets a start & end date that is 7 days after the latest one).

I have another automation that automatically links a sprint to a release when some of their fields (date & team) match.

But sometimes I want to plan a release far enough into the future, where the sprint that it will be worked on has not even been created yet.

Is there a way to automatically create a record in my sprint database when a record in my release database has a date field that doesn’t match the date field in any existing sprint?

I know I can create a sprint when a release is created, I just don’t want to do that if that sprint already exists for that week.

Possibly the easiest way to do this is with two automations.
The first automation runs when a release is created, and links any existing sprints (that match on whatever criteria). Then, as a second action in this automation, you can update a checkbox in the Release db (called ‘Sprint needed’ say) based on a formula something like this:
If ([Step 1 Release].Sprints.Count() = 0, true, false)
Then, you can define a second automation, to be triggered when this field is true, which adds a new, linked Sprint to the Release (and clears the checkbox afterwards).

Combined, these will work to create a new Sprint when a Release is created, only if there are no existing Sprints to be connected.