"Convert Field type" capability

Similarly to how Fibery has “Convert Entity to other Type”, there are occasions where it would be useful to Convert a field to a different Type. The existing ability to converting a Name field to/from a Formula is the perfect example of this, but it would be useful elsewhere as well.

E.g., I have a Text field for “Skype” that contains strings like “live:knjamesnc”, and now I realize this field should really be URL, instead of Text.

I could manually create a new URL field and copy/paste all the entity field values using a Table View or script, but that will not preserve existing relationships.

I imagine it could be useful to convert field types between: Text, URL, Date, Single Select, Multi-Select, ProseMirror.

As another example I did an Import from CSV, and one of the CSV fields holds dates, but because some are in a non-standard form they are not imported correctly, so I imported that field as Text… but it will need to be converted to Date eventually when the values get cleaned up.

Yes I know I can clean them up outside Fibery before importing, but that would interrupt my workflow, and misses the point that it would still be a useful ability to Convert Field Types.

Basically a subset of this, I think?

Though this might be a better feature request since it’s scoped more narrowly.