Convert entities of one Type to another Type

Hi again,

I was wondering about what might be a common situation with teams onboarding into Fibery, that I will for sure have:

I’d like to first start “potential” entities in a flow - things like “employee candidate” or “Sales lead,” then as they get converted to “employee” or “Customer,” not lose the whole activity that has accumulated in the entity up till then. It strikes me that creating a related entity, so say a new entity of “customer” is created with the “sales lead” is closed, is a bit of a workaround. I think ideally it would be great if you had a chance to “promote” or “convert” and entity from one type to another, and what would really be useful is to leave the original entity type visible in the comments field, or via some other message, so every user could see that this entity was originally another entity type as it moves around Fibery.

Eager to get your guys’ thoughts on this. If this is a feature in the works, all the better!


Indeed the best solution is to implement Convert action that will preserve all possible fields and somehow aggregate data from missing fields into text that will be attached to entity.

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Hey @mdubakov, great to hear back from you as always.

Glad to see you think this is at least a sensible approach! If you guys made progress on this feature, it would be another of your truly unique ones. I do not know of any app out there that can handle this need effectively. Converting task to Project is a hugely requested, and ignored, feature in Wrike’s community. Asana has a meek “create follow on task” that simply create a link between the tasks in comments, but it’s not a reciprocal link. In Jira, you can move an issue to another project, with absolutely no traceability. If you are converting in Aha! from anything but an “idea,” there is zero reference to the original entity. Etc., etc. But the way you have Fibery set up that entities can be literally anything, you add a huge level of usefulness if you add some traceability when this conversion is performed. Idea -> Release. Candidate -> Employee. Decision (yes I think this is a good Type) -> Action.

I am already starting to get excited envisioning about where you guys will be in 6 months, 2 yrs, and so on. You have a truly visionary idea of a “True North” app the market needs, and unlike the other generic “no code” stuff out there, you guys are building for a start-up, and one that does software in particular, so all the more attractive for me, and I’m sure legions of others. I’m sure Fibery could plan my potluck dinner, or manage my fitness goals, like Notion, Airtable, Coda, etc., but the big decider for me, which is why I am still investing time with you guys, is you are doing nocode with the tech start-up user type in mind (all the stuff you have on the burnout page right now).

Can’t say how excited I am about your prospects. And thanks again for this response.

Need this also! For example: