Console.log in Action Button not working


I’m sure I got something simple wrong, that is probably not a bug of fibery, as this seems to be a basic function I can’t get right.

I’m having an Action Button with the Action Type: Script
The script consists only of the following line.


When I execute the Action Button, no console log entry is generated in the browser. I tried current versions of Firefox and Edge.

Hopefully someone has a hint for me. I tried it to whole afternoon and was not able to get it to work.

Thanks in advance.

Best, Alex

Not working for me either.
I know it used to work fine when buttons were just scripts (before the no-code functions were made available).
I suspect it may be because automations/buttons are being worked on, and perhaps the Fibery guys have broken something while adding new features.

It’s probably getting dumped into a log file on some node.js server running the Fibery backend :joy:

Doesn’t all the Action button code run on the backend?

Thanks for the feedback!

Glad the reason did not sit in front of the screen, this time :slight_smile:

I hope it will work sooner or later again. Is there another way of “debugging” when writing
a script in an Action Button?

It certainly looks like they have changed things that way.
I checked, and I still have some Types with the ‘old’ style action button scripting, and these work as expected (logging to the console works, and the pop-up on completion contains the return value).

It’s certainly frustrating to no longer be able to easily debug scripts, but I guess you could update a ‘scratchpad’ text field for the entity as a workaround.

Hi, Alex

It is executed on server-side and output will not be visible in browser. But thanks for request. Will think about possibility of viewing console in button log tab which will be available from button editor.

For now, as workaround you may use the way which was kindly proposed by Chr1sG above.


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Thanks for the clarification and feedback.

Thanks for the idea. Guess I’ll find some code to do so in the forum.

Best, Alex