Script error: "executor terminated unexpectedly with exit code 1"

Tyrying to develop and debug Fibery Action scripts is super frustrating – even worse than Google Apps Script :angry:

Interesting that you say that, there are definitely “gotchas” with Google Apps Scripts, especially when working with Sheets and Drive, but 90% of my bugs were caused by lack of skills with JavaScript.

Haven’t worked with Fibery Action scripts yet but if it doesn’t have a debugging function the next thing would just be to start adding console.log() until you figure out what’s wrong.

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Thank you for the screenshot!
We would check the details on our side and will give the answer tomorrow :sparkling_heart:

I resolved it, and I believe it was caused by passing undefined as one of the params to fibery.addCollectionItem or fibery.cxreateEntity.

The real problem is the absence of helpful error information when this occurs.

Even the try/catch block was ignored, and all of the previously generated console.log messages were nowhere. So nothing to help debug it!

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Some things that would make debugging MUCH easier:

  • Support javascript’s Error.stack
  • Always show console.log messages generated by the script, even when the script does not “complete successfully”

Also the last time I checked, your server node.js disallows newer language features such as Optional Chaining and Nullish Coalescing – these would be useful, if there’s not a good reason to disallow them.

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Will fix both issues you’ve mentioned and will message here when done. Sorry for inconvenience.


Completed the promise partially.

Now if script fails, console.log output will be in Activity Log. But unfortunately this will not affect your particular case in a screenshot. Will investigate it a bit more, in a case on a screenshot an engine has failed unexpectedly, probably it’s a bug on our side. But in 99% of cases debugging will become easier I hope.

Failed to add stack trace, need to dig further, probably not an easy thing to do.

About latest NodeJs features: we use Node 12, probably will migrate in future, no exact promise here.