Make `console.log(...)` output directly to the browser console

is it possible to do? Make console.log(...) output directly to the console, where to find it in execute (according to the documentation, I still do not understand. In any case, it’s not very convenient to use and it’s much more logical to see the console.log(...) output in the browser console.

Your suggestion to output to console looks logical. We will consider to implement this.
According to your case (not seeing your logs in “execute” response) – probably condition entity["Time Started"] !== null was not passed in your case?

No, it’s not because entity [" Time Started "]! == null, i checked up second time just now. Action is execute with right result, but console.log output does not seen in ‘Network tab’.

{"startedAt":"2019-11-14T19:36:45.971Z","duration":230,"cpu":20,"memory":1466368,"events":[{"type":"fibery_request/completed","title":"Commands fibery.schema/query => OK","commands":[{"command":"fibery.schema/query","args":{}}],"duration":131},{"type":"fibery_request/completed","title":"Commands fibery.command/batch => OK","commands":[{"command":"fibery.command/batch","args":{"commands":[{"command":"fibery.entity/update","args":{"type":"Software~Development/Task","entity":{"fibery/id":"24cffad0-d692-11e9-9d3b-218916a9e306","Software~Development/Timer Started":null,"Software~Development/Latest Time Entry":0.0071916666666666665,"Software~Development/Spent in hours":0.0071916666666666665}}}]}}],"duration":67}]}

I’ve setup entity structure similary to yours(as I see on your screenshots).
Everything seems to work fine with console logs. By the way now console logs are written to browser console, just as you suggested. Just reload the page and it will work.

If the problem still exists for you (not seeing console logs), could you please send me your action button script, and I’ll check how it works for me?