Color as sort option

Would be neat if in table view one could use color as a sort option.

What do you mean with sorting by colour?
At the moment, color-coding in a table view allows you to apply coloring based on rules, so however you choose to define these rules, they could be the same rules used for the sorting options as well.

Or did I misunderstand?

I think we’re on the same page, it just would be nice to sort by the color rules once they’re written and assigned instead of re-writing the rules for the purpose of sorting, especially for complex color groupings.

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A nice idea! :sparkling_heart:

I suppose the order in which the coloring Rules are defined could define their “priority”, and for each row, the priority of the first coloring rule that currently applies would be its “color sorting priority value”.

You could clumsily duplicate this functionality right now by creating a formula field to encode this same info, and sort by that field.

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