Allow Table View Color Coding to affect specific column(s)

This would be very useful for e.g. pointing out specific cells that need attention.

Can you clarify - do you mean that you want the cell that meets the criterion for the colour coding to be highlighted?

Or do you really mean that the whole column should be highlighted to indicate the field used in the colour coding rule?

From our users, we have:

Showing columns that should be populated by the user, or columns that contain formulas.

My request is to augment the existing Color Coding rules, so that each Color Coding rule could be further customized to apply its highlighting only to specific columns in the rows affected by the rule.

This would not change how the rules select the rows they will affect.

E.g., I want to create a Color Coding rule to highlight the rows where there is a particular cell (Column) that needs attention, and it would be useful if only that cell was highlighted, as opposed to highlighting the entire row.

I see this column-specific coloring as an additional, optional capability – i.e., by default, Color Coding rules would still affect entire Rows, if no “column selector” is specified.

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