CHANGELOG: March 23 / Workspaces, URL field, Multi-select field, Mentions in comments, Invoices

This release has quite many features and almost zero bug fixes.


Workspace is a separate Fibery account. For example, you can use one account for your private tasks and personal stuff, and another account for real team work. Now you can quickly switch between accounts in 3 seconds.

Multi-select field

New highly-requested field to select several options instead of one. No more workarounds with types and relations, just add a multi-select field.

URL field

URL field is just that. Any text in this field will be transformed into a clickable link that opens in a new tab.

Mentions in comments

Finally you can mention people in comments and they will be notified.


Find and download all your invoices in Plans and Billing section in left menu.

Allow selecting unique units on a View with multiple Types

Imagine you have a board with two Types as cards (User Stories and Bugs). Now you can select fields that belongs to only one Type. This increases flexibility of what you want to see on Board or Timeline Views.

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@mdubakov This is terrific, especially:

“Allow selecting unique units on a View with multiple Types”…

I was just struggling with this and asked support via Intercom about that last night!!! You must be a mind reader. I’ve been following your twitter and I knew about the other stuff on the list, but not this terrific addition!

Multi-Select looks great too…and of course, mentioning in comments!

Keep up the great work, thanks guys!

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