Cant mention Entities with emoji only in name field

The downside of Fibery’s cant handle block-level type and also dont use hashtag. So I have to create own solution for me
I created 1 database as hashtag which using as status or define for block level (which means sentences/ rows). The purpose using this 's leverage Reference as an Dataview to query based on type or hashtag assigned

Here’s an example I’m using this to querry (Reference as Dataview in Obsidian)

Also I use Text Espanso, an text replacement for setting an shortcut for each emoji entities. Ex: When I typed .n1 → it’d mention [[:flags:]] which means #need_hashtag in Emoji database

The bug’s comming when the Emoji update release. When I type some trigger, Ex “.b1” → it display #:lady_beetle: instead of [[:lady_beetle:]] or right mention like this [[:lady_beetle:
Hope we can fix this

This’s What I solve my current issue, my own solution about block-level (Tana or Obsidian have) and really waiting for new Reference release to combine with Ontology. Thank you

Seen issues got fixed. Thank you!