Can't figure out if/how I can search for a non-text character

Can’t find a way to search (CMD-K) for non-text characters: specifically I want to find a task containing some JSON embedded in a code block in a rich text field, but I don’t remember any of the JSON keys, so I thought to search for a bare curly brace: { but that returns no results. I guess punctuation is being (sensibly) stripped from the query, but it would be nice if there was a way to explicitly search for a non-text character like this. I tried enclosing it in quotes; could I maybe escape it in some way? Is there a way to search for a non-text character? (If not I guess this will become a feature request!)

Sorry that reply took so much time :slight_smile: For now you can search only within name & rich text fields
But noted your request for the future :muscle:

Thanks: actually this question is specific to searches within name and rich text fields: it’s not that I can’t search within them (I can): it’s that it appears that I cannot search for non-alphanumeric characters: ie. if my rich text field contains: " look at this: { something }" then I can search for “look” or “something” but I cannot search for “{”. In this case I was trying to find some JSON code, and so the “{” was a key character that would have helped me find it much more easily, but I wasn’t able to include it in the search query.