Send "code block" in rich text through API


I want to send a string of RAW JSON in a rich text field and I want to insert it into a /code block with JSON as the language selected.

I am using the integration, but what I can’t figure out is how I should wrap the JSON string.
I tried sending it like “json here” using 3 of the → ` ← character and it works…but it’s not the same as “code block”.

results in
but what I want is

Is there a way to achieve this outcome?

Would it work if you add new lines after `, like this?

1. value

(of course remove _)


Thanks! That actually worked.

Now the only thing left would be to change from “plain text” to “JSON” if that’s somehow possible.


Don’t know how to change that unfortunately. Perhaps try to extract/export the page in markdown and see if the JSON-field is embedded in any way.