Cannot change field name "Name" when creating a database

Creating a new database automatically creates two fields, Name and Description. I would like to change the Field Name for the first filed but it seems that is not allowed. Is this correct?
First field only allows me to do “Generate Name Using Formula”


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Can this be merged with this?

This seems like a new and breaking change. It’s not clear to me why Name is now mandatory, undeleteable, and uneditable. If you’re going to do something like that, it would be best to give it it’s own special namespace. What purpose does this field serve? I can’t find anywhere where it was announced that this change happened.

There has been no change - for certain fields it has always been impossible to rename them.

I don’t understand how this can be - I have several tables that exist already which do not have this field.

Databases created via integrations may have a primary field which has a title other than ‘Name’ but for databases created from scratch, there is always a Name field.