Can I copy values from one cell to another as an automation action?

So I’m creating a database to return how much we owe teachers, and the pay scales vary (hourly, scaled, scaled hourly, etc). I want to create a set of automation rules to copy the values from the formula cell where I’ve calculated the totals into a “final total” field based on which payscale the teacher receives, but I can’t seem to figure out how.

My options are “update field” which just gives me the option to put in a number, or “formula,” but I cannot find operators that seem to offer “copy the value from X field for this record into this box.”

Any ideas?

If you want to copy ‘field X’ into ‘field Y’ you would use the Update field Y action, and use a formula [Step 1 Teacher].[field X]

(assuming the automation is triggered in the Teacher db)

I did just try that, and it didn’t return anything. :frowning:

Is the Hourly Fee guaranteed to be filled in when the entity is created?

Okay, I switched to “when record is updated” and that got it working! Thank you Chr1s! :smiley: