Construct Formula Field Reference from Strings

I am not sure if this is possible, given how formulas are setup in Fibery, however, I thought that it might be quite interesting if it was possible to construct a field reference in formulas using a combination of static text and values from other fields.

The first thing that came to my mind was the INDIRECT function from excel which lets users construct a reference to a cell from a string, and then excel actually converts this to a reference to the cell.

So instead of having a formula like this:

[Project Meeting].Name

It would be possible to use a value from a single select field (let’s call it Type) to build the relation:

Indirect([Type].Name + " Meeting").Name

From little I know about the formula implementation and the fact that returning objects are checked by the formula editor, I would assume this to be impossible, but I thought I ask!

It’s not currently possible in formulas for fields, but it is possible in formulas used in automation actions.
See here for info on ‘entity queries’