Bullet behavior in rich text

Issue: The bullets in rich text have non-standard behaviors, which hurt the usability of the rich text field.

I will provide some examples to try below. I recommend comparing the behavior of Coda, Notion, and Google Docs

Example 1: Adding another sub-bullet to parent as the first child

  • Create the parent bullet
  • Add a sub-bullet to the parent
  • Go back to the parent bullet and hit enter to add a second sub-bullet to the parent
  • You will now have a second parent instead of a second sub-bullet
  • Hit tab to try to make it a sub-bullet of the parent
  • You will see that instead of two sub-bullets, you will now have a parent, a child, and a grandchild

The outcome we are looking for is this:

  • Here is the parent bullet
    • Second child added
    • First child added

Notion, for example, adds the second child exactly where we want it to end up after hitting enter from the end of the parent bullet.

Notion vs Fibery Add Immediate Child

Example 2: Removing a level in nested bullets

The example bullets to start with:

  • Level 1
    • Level 2
      • Level 3
        • Level 4

What we want to end up with is:

  • Level 1
    • Level 3
      • Level 4

If you use backspace to remove Level 2, then Level 3 with Level 4 as a child end up as a root-level bullet, before you can get it up underneath Level 1, then tab it back out to where it should be.

If you use Delete to remove Level 2, Fibery deletes all characters on Level 2, then puts you on Level 3. Notion has the same behavior when using backpace as Fibery, but using delete instead moves Level 3 and Level 4 to exactly where we want it to end up as a single step.

In the video below, I first show what using backspace does for notion then fibery. Then, I show what using delete does for notion then fibery. Then i showed once more on notion using delete to get rid of all child bullets.

Notion vs Fibery Delete Bullets