Built-In Optional Email Verification for Forms


So the forms are great for product team in internal and external use. Especially externally getting folks to sign up for newsletters, register interest or any other CRM-lite stuff.

One thing missing is the ability to enable an email to get verified after submit (i.e. an email with verification link to be sent).

I understand that can quickly balloon:

  1. Doing this well may entail significant work of customisation and polishing the email branding and sending. But I think a simple approach (what many services do), where the verification email comes from Fibery on behalf of Acme Corp. should be fine.
  2. Sending large amounts of emails is not free, so there might need to be some fair-use cap or even a value-added service to pre-purchase.

That said, I think for many of us, a simple way to configure that an email field should be validated in a form would give great value.