Bugs in example scripts for 'Action buttons' and suggestions for improving the article

Bugs in example scripts for ‘Action buttons’

  1. the behavior of the “Reset” button does not matches the screencast!
  2. Second click on ‘Stop’ action button does will take a side effect: Time Spent will be filled up to something big value like ‘437154.87325527775’

To MRs for fix thouse bugs:

My suggestions for improving this article:

  1. please add to the article: what types of fields need to be created for time tracking to work! I have to pick it up at random!

  2. and please also add needed field names!

Hey Alex!

Thanks for your contribution!

  1. It seems like the “Reset” button doesn’t match the screencast because of the auto-replay. In fact, we don’t expect “Time Spent” field to become empty in our case. Please feel free to adjust the behavior to your scenario, this is where the power of customization is handy.
  2. 100% legit issue with “Stop” button, thanks for the heads up! I’ve updated the code. However, currently all action buttons that do nothing cause error to appear on screen — we’ll roll out the fix next week.

According to your feedback, I’ve added readme files to all examples :wink:

Happy creating!