BUG: FormView submit won't set the field relations

I created a form view to ease the process of creating some types of tasks for specific areas in my product. There’s a relation field called ProductArea where the user will set the related area in which this task should be applied to. The field is set as required so there’s no possibility that it is empty, but what happens is that the task is created without this field set:

The field with error is ProductArea → “Area do Produto”

What’s kinda funny is that my order relation field called Customer was correctly set. Represented by the value “Obramax” on the examples above.

What does the activity log for this entity show?

Hey Chris, here you go:

There’s definitely something wrong there! I’ll review my entity rules. You got any other guess?

Ok, so it was one memory-fault that I had. I forgot that this entity had some automation rules, and this rule in particular was setting the field “ProductArea” based on another entity that could be its parent, this was causing the issue of re-setting the area to null/empty.

Thank you @Chr1sG for pointing me in the right direction!

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By the way, you wrote that

but it doesn’t look like the form view has ‘Area do Produto’ as a required field. Just FYI.