New entity in relation field not automatically filling the related name

It has been about a week since I first noticed the issue. Whenever I create a new entity in the relation field, it does not automatically link to the parent entity anymore. The previous behavior makes more sense.

Can you clarify what you mean?
You are talking about entity view, right? And you’re adding an entity for a to-many relation field?
When you say

what do you mean exactly?
You create the entity, it shows up in the relation field, but when you open it, it is not showing as having any relation to the entity where you added it?

Does you relation have any filters applied? Is the context filter enabled? Do you have any automations that could cause this? What does the activity log for the created entity show?

We’re having the same issue today. Caused some some major confusion on our teams this morning.

“Task” entities are being created within an “Iteration” entity, but when the task is created, it doesn’t inherit the relationship with the iteration it was created from.

It can be easily recreated time after time after time.

Activity log (of the parent entity) shows nothing because it doesn’t seem to realize the new entities were even created. It’s only when looking in the database itself that we see the child entities were actually successfully created and essentially became abandoned because the link to their parent was never actually created.

And what about this?

And this?

It says nothing, really. It’s like it was create in complete isolation, even though it was created within/under a related entity.

No context filter.

When you create an entity in a relation field, it will inherit the filter properties that are set.
By default, relation views have the ‘context filter’ applied so that you only see items which are linked to the entity where they are being created.
If the filter is turned off, you are seeing all entities of that type, and when you create a new entity, the filter is not applied (i.e. the relationship to the parent is undefined).
Try turning the context filter back on, and then creating an entity, and see what happens.

The context filter is automatically enabled for me (as it should be). I did more testing- it only happens when the new entity has Name Formula enabled. For the other entities with text field as the name, they are fine.

Name formulas apply to the whole db, so I guess you mean that it happens for some types of entities and not others.
What does the activity log show for the created entities where things are not working as you would expect?

I think we have the same issue.

We have a ‘shortcut page’ where a user can easily add different entities from different databases.

Normally when you do that, the ‘Braindump & inbox’ relation is set and the item will show in the list until a user processes it.

But currently when I add new items, the relation is not set and therefor the item is removed from the list.

@ChrisG feel free to test in this list. Add an item, refresh the page and then you’ll notice that the item is gone because there was no relation set.

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It seems that we have a bug (in list view). Thanks to all the people in the thread who helped us narrow down the problem by answering the q’s.


Yeah, it only seems to happen in list view for us. Thanks for adding more detail @YvetteLans !

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Thanks all! I think the issue is now resolved for me.

It’s also resolved in our workspace :smile: