Automation Rules


We use automation rules within TP to streamline repetitive work that is part of our regular development projects, e.g. if we create a feature with a known phrase in the title then 13 user stories, 4 test plans and 32 test cases are created. These only need minor revisions to enter production.
I see that development on automation rules in Fibery was stopped last month.
Have you any idea when it will restart?

@Adrian_Crawley We are thinking about that right now. We have 2-3 alternatives that will deliver similar results, but not sure what solution to select. We will decide it this week and restart implementation.

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That’s great news.
I look forward to the results.

Automation Rules are in development now.

  1. First we will implement Action Buttons
  2. Then Automation Rules

Super stuff
I’m actually very excited to hear about Action Buttons!

This will be mega

Automation Rules are released, so provide more specific feedback in other topics Automation Rules | Fibery Help Center