Automation rule execution order

Hi, I am wondering how automations are executed: in the order in which they were defined and appear in the automation list in a sequential order (the next one is started after previous one has completed) or they are fired in parallel? To understand how to properly manage conditions where one rule can change fields so that another rule will not run anymore and so no.
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Automations run in the order in which they are triggered, and run sequentially, one-at-a time within the workspace.
So, if automation A has steps 1 and 2, and step 1 triggers automation B and step 2 triggers automation C, then A will run (to completion) then B (to completion) then C.

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ok but happens when multiple rules are triggered by the same condition? I don’t think that they run in parallel to avoid concurrency/locking issues, so do they run sequentially in the order in which they were defined? in this case, since the execution order matters (A then B or B then A, when both A and B are triggered, can lead to different results), it would be very useful to be able to reorder the rules.

And what about if mutiple rules are triggered but one of them changes the trigger value in its action? Following rules that were triggered and were queueing to be run, are then un-triggered?

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Indeed it would, but I’m afraid that it’s not currently possible.

Once an automation is triggered, it won’t be untriggered. However, the filter in the automation is checked at execution time, so if there are two automations with the same trigger, the first one to execute could theoretically change the value of a field which is used in the filter of the second, which may affect its behaviour.