Automation between spaces

Hello dear community, I’m just at my first day in with Fibery so I will ask a first simple question; Can we automate between spaces ?

Let says I have a customer onboarding space and when I select a state from dropdown I want to automate a new customer creation in a converted space.

I know I can keep both on the same space but i have different sharing strategies based on spaces.

I am more than welcome to hear if there is a different approach to this.
Thank youspace, but I have a different

In general, the actions available in automations are limited to those which impact the database where the automation is stored, but this does mean that if that database is related to other databases, you can affect (create/link/update) entities in those related databases, irrespective of the spaces they are in.

If you want some help on a specific automation you would like to implement, just let us know.

Additionally, automations that use Javascript have no such limitations.

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Thank you both. As I can see it might be possible but not right out of the box. I’ll keep on exploring.

From what you’ve described so far, it definitely sounds possible. Let us know if you wanna hop on a call and figure it out.