Automatically List Nested Pages and Views

Hi Fibery team,

Some of our folks still struggle with the need to hover an item on the left side to see if there are sub-items. Even when clicking an item, the page does not automatically show that there are child pages, views, forms, etc.

The guessing game: Which of these have sub-items, and which don’t?
2023-06-23 at 13.23

Hidden affordances are a bad design pattern. So I suggest:

  1. Indicate in this tree, if something has child views. This could be a caret on the right of the entry, or something more elegant (preferred)
  2. Any page with sub-views should automatically list its children in the main pane somehow. Again, not sure how. Pages have space, but entities do not.

Lastly, and somewhat unrelated, the breadcrumbs are great, but do not work for entities. So with entities I do not know in which space they have been defined. Maybe I should not have to care, but I do. Especially if I want to navigate from one entity to a peer, it is currently INCREDIBLY cumbersome.

All these three hurdles make navigation VERY hard and more akin spelunking than browsing a wiki.


PS: I like the new Form icons. :wink: