[APPROVED] Simplify Database Setup Screen

This could just be opinionated feedback, but to me the database setup screen when you create a new space is very confusing. There are three separate places that say “New Database” within a small area.

I understand that what is happening here is that there is an initial default database created named “New Database”, then there is both a tab and heading with that name.

A simple proposal would be to use a different default naming scheme. For example, some options:

  • {{App Name}} Database N
  • {{App Name}} Items N
  • {{App Name}} Things N
  • {{App Name}} Data N

The idea basically is to incorporate the app name to differentiate the label from the New Database CTA. The N in the example would not be used unless there already is an existing database with the same name.


  • App Name: Project Management
  • Default first database: Project Management Database
  • Second database: Project Management Database 2

I like the way entities are populated in new databases. Could databases be the same way with names?
E.g. `Wonderful Database :sparkles:", “Magnificent Database :muscle:”.

Only issue I can see with that though is that the idea that it is the newly created one is more hidden.

I don’t think it would be very scan-able to just append a number counter, as there’s virtually 1 letter that makes A different from B in most of these cases.

Database names would have to be shorter than entity names though.

or “Untitled Database” — everyone is used to this from Word, etc


Yeah, this was my first thought too. A more complicated approach might give some more “useful” default names, but almost everyone will want to change it anyway. So why put much effort into making it a “sensible” and unique DB name, checking existing DB names, etc? “Untitled Database” (or perhaps better “Unnamed Database”) is usefully differentiated from the action of creating a “New Database”, while also being dead-simple to implement. I think it would succinctly solve the problem (which I agree is needlessly confusing!).

Yeah, I agree with these suggestions to just keep it simple but differentiate from the action of “+ New Database”.

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Good idea, we will go with “Untitled Database”

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