Append value to Name with formula


Is it possible to create a formula that appends to Name the value of a single-select field?

For example: i create a new entity called “Feature 1” and assign it a type “core” - the formula must rename the entity as “Feature 1 (core)”. If the type changes to “non-core” the name should change to “Feature 1 (non-core)”.


I suggest, you would need to use an automation.
It should trigger when the single-select value changes, and then can update the name field using a formula.
Note: You probably need to use a clever find/replace formula rather than appending the name of the select field. Otherwise, you might end with ‘Feature 1 (core)(non-core)’

It worked! Thank you :slight_smile:

Solution here:

If(Find([Step 1 Feature].Name,"(") > 1,ReplaceRegex([Step 1 Feature].Name,"\(.*?\)","(" + [Step 1 Feature].[Feature Type].Name + ")"),[Step 1 Feature].Name + " (" + [Step 1 Feature].[Feature Type].Name + ")")
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