Allow the fields sidebar to be 'sticky' and not scroll with main panel


I have a long list of fields in the fields sidebar, which contain various fields that are used to interact with the main panel.
For example, various buttons that perform operations on content in the main panel.
Most of the time to use such buttons, I have to scroll back up to make these buttons or fields visible to interact. This makes working with the sidebar in conjunction with the main panel difficult.

Use cases

  • I have various buttons that do stuff with text in the Description field. The buttons already have scrolled out of visibility when I’m viewing that portion of the text.
  • I have various fields that are not at the top in an entity, but which contain relation collection views where bulk operations can be done using a button in the sidebar, but I need to scroll up to find that button again.

Proposed Solution

Introducing a ‘pin’ button in the corner of the fields sidebar, would allow the sidebar to be ‘sticky’ in its curren position, and make the main panel scroll independently from it.

I’m in support of some version of this, maybe just independent scrolling for each sub-panel. Also a similar/related idea:


Thanks for resurfacing this @Yuri_BC! I’ve added my vote to Oshyan’s post