Allow drag-drop of entities in Calendar view when a calendar is read-only

This is about the most needed feature in any calendar but its not present in fibery: drag drop an event to another day.

It is definitely possible to drag and drop events on calendar view (assuming the date field(s) used are not read-only).
If you’re not able to do it, send us a video/screenshot of your setup and we’ll figure out what’s going on.

I found the cause: I combined Google calendar entities with Fibery event entities in one calendar.
This results in neither the Google calendar entities nor the Fibery event entities to be able to be dragged to another day.

It would be good in this scenario, if the Google calendar entities would be locked (in the current case that the Google calendar entities are read only, hopefully that will change in the future), and the Fibery event entities would still be draggable to another day.
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Yeah, this seems like a really unnecessary limitation, a sort of stupidly simple “solution” to the problem of read-only data combined with editable data. I’m hopeful this particular issue gets solved sooner than later, it has been there for ages and really makes calendar view less useful than it should be. Maybe we’ll get a total calendar view overhaul at some point even, like the tables overhaul, hah. It’s an important view that with some bug fixes/minor feature additions could be “good” (right now it’s just passable), but in my view calendar is an important enough view for many that a truly excellent version could be a stand-out feature.

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