Add Heading Selection to "/" Command

Hi again,

This is a small one but it continues to bother my workflow with the Keyboard, and since we were talking about that today, wanted to publish this as I don’t think it’s been mentioned, and I hope it’s on the roadmap:

Would you guys consider adding the ability to choose a heading into the “/” command? As with my request to create inline entities with only the keyboard, this is another flow that is too hard right now. I appreciate you can use a combo of ctrl + alt + 2 for example to get a Medium Header. But it’s hard to remember that and also I for one have to look at the keyboard to hit all those keys as once, so I wind up just using the mouse to go back and choose.

A lot of other tools are building out prolific capabilities with the “/” command. Coda and ClickUp have really ramped up what they offer. In particular, I use the Headings a lot, so would love to see that at least added to the “/” command for starters.

As always thanks for the consideration guys!

Hmm. Not 100% sure if I agree here or not. Honestly I have found some other products’ extensive slash menus to be a bit overwhelming and annoying in that they throw literally everything in there (ClickUp comes to mind here). Personally I favor the / menus being focused on inserting/adding stuff, rather than formatting, and Fibery sort of goes that route too. Granted there is some overlap, e.g. what’s the difference between formatting 3 lines of text into a bullet list vs. “inserting list”. But I do like the distinction. Also I realize you can type to filter the lists…

I’m a bit surprised you find the existing shortcuts for Header formatting to be hard to remember or use. I use them all the time and love them. Notion has slightly different ones than either Fibery or Quip, which I find annoying, but even those I am starting to get muscle memory on.

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OK, fair enough! I agree the proliferation is probably overkill at times. Have you seen how much Coda now has in theirs?

I my use of ClickUp I can say that I often wind up choosing the wrong thing after the “/”, so will acknowledge this 100%:

I think it would help the flow if I could simply get to the Header without needing all those other keys to be pressed simultaneously, but I will grant that this probably can drop to a lower priority unless there is some support from somebody besides me on this!!

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