Add Documents and Views to Root of Smart Folder

I find that smart folders would work great as kind of like a dynamic navigation that doesn’t have to be updated. In notion or coda you can accomplish something similar by creating a page of “Organizations”. On this page you can introduce the organizations with some documentation, then have the organizations listed out using a view of a table.

In fibery, I can achieve similar functionality with smart folders. However, in this example I cannot place a document at the very top of the smart folder, just above Product in the screenshot below:


To closely associate documentation about Organizations with the smart folder directory, I have to manually create another folder to place the smart folder in, which adds additional hierarchy, which isn’t needed. So, I end up with something like this that becomes awkward to name things.



I wanted to mention that while I think this ability should exist, one feature that would help mitigate the need is Embed Custom Views into Entity View (or Rich Text), if views could be embedded in a document as well as an entity’s rich text. Then, I could create something like the Coda example. Or, if Types themselves could have a rich text area that could embed views into, that would address the need as well:


When we gain the ability to embed views, I fervently hope that Smart Folders can be embedded!

I often find myself wishing for a place where I can explain to users how the Type is intended to be used.
Are we talking about the same thing?
Where do you think such an area should live?

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Interesting! What does that look like in your mind? Just whatever appears in the left menu, but embedded in a page? Or more like a hierarchical table? Or something else?

As far as I can see, Smart folders are virtually the same as hierarchical lists, so isn’t embedding the former basically the same as embedding the latter?
And as far as I know, embedding views (of all types) is planned.

Edit: I think I was confusing Hierarchical Lists with Smart Folders :roll_eyes:
So I guess what I really want is to be able to embed Smart Folders in views. Well, BOTH really, as a Hierarchical List is perfect for displaying Tasks with subtasks.

I love the power that Smart Folders give us to “roll our own” custom ways of organizing/viewing related types.

An example for my Project entity view – I’d like to have an embedded Smart Folder that shows:

For most cases I much prefer a single, powerful “do-it-all” view that can be easily tweaked, rather than a separate view for each possibility – too many possibilities!

Here’s an example for my Meeting entity view – let’s say I’m viewing a Meeting entity from two weeks ago, and I want the view to include a Smart Folder of all Tasks related to the Meeting, organized by:

Ideally :pray:t2: we’ll be able to Name and Save filter configurations, so they can be instantly recalled (as Notion does, to great effect).

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I often wish each folder, smart or otherwise, had an associated doc (and each type too @Chr1sG !) . I feel like that would actually close some of the smoothness gap when just using docs compared to Notion/Slite etc.

To be specific, that would be one canonical doc per folder, always created.

If that was setup nicely, it could also solve part of this problem, although I guess allowing any number of docs would be more general.

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That is a good question and I think so. I definitely do think that there needs to be a more useful Type page in some way or another, better access to it (e.g., I should be able to click on the Type name on the entity view), and some rich text area about the type.

I think Fibery hasn’t started from the same generic foundation as notion that everything starts from this super basic thing that can optionally have attributes associated. If eventually we have a more powerful rich text field, I could see Types having a view similar to when you expand an entity. That could have a quick button to edit the Type.

I could also see some way to configure default information that shows up for all Types in an app, or globally. For example, an area that shows a short list of Views sorted by most recently accessed, Entities by most recently accessed, etc. You might want to also have some control over doing this for a specific Type. So, the Issue Type might have Entities In Progress sorted by recent activity, and so on. In short, I think there is a pattern that exists in Fibery, but it just needs to be applied consistently to all “things”.

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It sounds like what you’re describing is very similar to A: Suggestion for App Dashboard / Hierarchy View from left Menu - #5 by Oshyan and B: the “dashboard” concept, but filtered to a specific type and its relevant views. In fact there has been a lot of related discussion around this, and I know the team is intending to at least allow some kind of app-level description, but I’m not sure they have made clear whether they intend to extend this to the type-level. Keep in mind that currently Type is not exposed anywhere for non-admin users unless you make a view for it (entities of a type obviously can be, especially with Smart Folders).

Anyway, I like the idea, but just wondering how it fits with all the other ideas and discussion around similar things…

Guys (@rothnic too!), just to add some additional related requests:

I think we are all looking for the ability to build out information around both Apps - the reason for their creation, their history, etc. - and Types.

This is a great point. Often my users want to click the name of an Entity’s Type, say “Ad Partners” (we’re using something similar), and see simply a list of them. This is a very intuitive behavior of apps like Fibery

Right now though, if you want to see a list of ALL Entities in a type, you have to rely on the default creation of a table. And if you move the Type to another app, that table doesn’t follow, so you then lose your “every entity in the Type” default.

And I know this is a huge topic, but just wanted to mention again that Table view is really overdue for some improvements. You guys also talk a lot about Hierarchical View in this thread, and one huge thing I am missing from it is the ability to actually enter data like in a Table. I have found this to be so true @Chr1sG:

I think we need a lot more functionality around these to get them more useful, such as the way hierarchies work in either Wrike or TargetProcess that I documented here:

Hoping to get some movement on all of this soon, thanks!

Hey sorry wanted to reference one more mention of this where I showed what I think you are talking about exactly?

Hope that’s useful, thanks!

Found this old topic. This is exactly what we currently need :sweat_smile: Would be great to add a document in the root since we also want to have a read me / Wiki document in a smart folder.

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