Ability to Drag and Drop from Smart List Directly to Board / Calendar / Timeline Etc

My dream has always been to simply have all my tasks and subtasks in an expandable panel on the left side, and then be able to just drag these directly onto a calendar / timeline / board etc. Surprisingly I haven’t found almost any applications that do this, even though it seems like by far the most intuitive and fastest way of adding a task.

Legend App (formerly Moo.do) is the only one I’ve seen, and a promised update to Remnote 1.8 has hinted at an extension offering this.

Could this be added to Fibery? It would really improve speed and usability and set it apart from other systems.

Hi, Dave!
I’m not sure that I fully understand the flow, telling the truth :slight_smile:
So, you use Smart Folders, right? And your Tasks appear in the Left Menu.
But if they appear in the left menu, they automatically appear in any View - Board, Table and Calendar/Timeline (if you put some Values in the Date field)
Because Views are not Data containers, they only visualize Data that lives in Databases. So no matter where you add it - in List, Smart Folders, any other place - they will be seen in all the other Views automatically.

What am I missing? Could you please share more, maybe with some screenshots?

Yes this screenshot shows a smart folder of “tasks” on the left.

I’ve created a timeline with swimlanes for a “time block” tag. An example would be, if I had time during lunch to install the garage bike rack, it would be awesome if I could just drag that task from the smart list right onto the timeline view.

Another example for tasks with a more specific time. If I could drag “call window people” right from the smart list directly onto the weekly calendar on Tuesday July 5 at 5:00 that would be so nice:

Currently to assign a time you have to click into the task itself, select the date range picker, enter a start time, manually type in a enter an end time (since the end time doesn’t default to something clickable or useful like 1 hour later the same day) then navigate back to the weekly plan view. It would just make a very time consuming workflow into something pretty instant.

The current workflow is just too slow for adding / planning tasks on a weekly calendar.
Hoping it can eventually feel as quick as writing down a task on a paper weekly calendar.

^^ This is exactly what I’d like to avoid honestly. It’s really time consuming to add stuff to every date field. Especially if you’re adding dates later than when you create the task, clicking into each task to manually add the date is just too time consuming for quickly planning.

It’s an extra couple of clicks, but you can go to Backlog and choose Plan for Today, which gets the item on the calendar, and from there you can start dragging it around.

`Many thanks for the details, Dave!
No promises at all but noted your case - hopefully we would improve our backlog section and will see how it goes with Smart folders some day :slight_smile:

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The problem with the backlog is it doesn’t offer nesting, or a search, or even a way to sort so it’s just an insanely long list.

If the backlog offered the same ability to nest subtasks inside tasks that the smart list had, or display a specific smart list, or even had a search box this would work well, or at the very least offered a way to sort alphabetically it could work well. The current implementation of the backlog is not quite usable for the reasons above.

How does the backlog sort things? It seems a bit random?

I’m only mentioning all this because I feel like Fibery has enormous potential and there’s a few last mile things that keep me from using it as a daily driver effectively. It’s pretty amazing what it does so far, and it was never designed as a task manager specifically so the fact that it gets close to beating the actual task managers is really saying something.

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