3 Level Hierarchy table with single-select

Hi everyone, I’m new here and I hope this is the correct section to write in.

I’m not a programmer and I struggle to think on an abstract approach. But I tried :slight_smile:

I have done many tests: complex and simpler and I have come very close to what I would like to achieve but I have never achieved the full objective.

I need to obtain a table in which the person doing the data entry cannot make insertion errors.

What I need to create is a three-level hierarchical structure, where the selection of who will enter the data is filtered at each level based on the parent’s choice.

So, the selection will have to be with a single-select.

The structure is practically this:

  • 1
    – 1.1
    ---- 1.1.1
    ---- 1.1.2
    – 1.2
    ---- 1.2.1
    ---- 1.2.2

  • 2
    – 2.1
    ---- 2.1.1
    ---- 2.1.2
    – 2.2
    ---- 2.2.1
    ---- 2.2.2


Thank you thank you :hugs:

Do you mean that you want to create a table view of entities?

Can you explain what you mean by this?

Hi Chris,

Yes, I would like to get a table view with entities:

  • Nane
  • Single-Select in which to select a level 1 item
  • Single-Select which shows a list of level 1 child, from which to select an item
  • Single-Select which shows a list of level 2 child, from which to select an item

The Singles-Select lists should only show items related to the parent.

So, if in the first enity (Level 1) I select 1 in the second entity I will just see 1.1, 1.2, …
Same concept for the Level 2: if I select 1.3, in Level 3 i Will see 1.3.1, 1.3.3, …

In this way, whoever enters the data cannot incorrectly mix children and parents.


If I have understood correctly, I think what you want to do is possible with databases (not single selects) combined with relation filters.
Here’s how it would work:
Level 1 db relates 1:m to Level 2 db
Level 2 db relates 1:m to Level 3 db

Here is an example of how the actual entities might be related:

Now, an Item can link to a single Level 1 entity, a single Level 2 entity and a single Level 3 entity:

For the L2 and L3 relations, you should set relation filters that only allows a user to choose something based on the value of the level above value:

When this is done, choices will be limited:

Note however, it doesn’t prevent a user from making a set of choices, and then changing a higher level value which would ‘break’ the rules:

If that is important, you may want to add automation rules that clear the value of a lower level field when a higher level field is changed:


Then you get this:

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Oh thanks Chris… From the final video, I believe that’s exactly what I’d like to achieve. In the next days, I’ll follow your procedure. Thank you :wink:

Thanks Chris, great, you were very kind. Simple and effective solution.

Im so happy :hugs: