3 features-related questions

Hi there.

I want to build a complete Startup-OS for my team. During the last months, I have tested 16 NoCode products. The only one I want to work with is Fibery. You have the one robust vision of how things should be done and that leds to huge possibilities.

But there are 3 points holding me back (I know there is no perfect tool… but still…):

1. Complete workspace export (Markdown).

We need to safeguard our knowledge. I am a bit confused. Is it in the Roadmap? It seems [IN DEV] Exported backup / Export all data is not really that.

2. Embeded table views in rich text fields and documents

It’s in development ([IN DEV] Embed Custom Views into Entity View)! That’s really great.

Can we hope for something equivalent to Notion? If not, what would be the limitations?

3. Limiting the access to the entities of a given table

I see [PLANNED] Entity-level permission is at the top of the “near future” part of the roadmap. Great… but it has been discussed for 2 years and you have many priorities.

Meanwhile, does [IN DEV] Client side filter and sort / My Filter section for all Views means that we will be able to :

  • share a specific view of a table with a specific filter to a group of users
  • these users will be able to access entity view and add new entities from that view
  • but these users won’t be able to see the whole table if I disallow the modification of the filter

If yes, that would solve the access problem for the time beeing.


Hi Claude,

Thank you for your kind words :slight_smile:

Let me ask some questions and provide some comments

When this feature will be done (~2 weeks) it will be possible to export ALL the data in Markdown + CSV. What do you mean by complete export?

Overall you will be able to embed all current Views into Documents and Entities (reports, boards, timeline, table, etc). Not sure about limitations, it looks like Fibery will be as powerful as Notion at least (but we also have Reports and Whiteboards).

This is really starting now. We have assembled a team that is working on the solution and implementation of new permissions should start in a week. I can’t provide any estimates, but I can assure you that we will not stop till this will be released.

Not sure what you mean by Share. Imagine you have a Space and give someone access to this space (as a non-creator). Technically this user can download ALL the data from this Space via API, since there are no good restrictions on entities (see above).

However, if you will create let’s say one view with some filters, this user will not be able to access other entities from UI.


You deserve it and I am the one thanking you for providing us with such a powerful product.

I was thinking about the links between tables but also within rich texts fields (or documents).

Great! And yes! I am sure it will be much better than Notion due to all the other features you provide.

Cool! Can’t wait :wink:

OK. Given my needs, that will do for now and probably the year to come.

Technically links will be preserved via Relation Id column, so it will be possible to recover them in some other tool (or in Fibery). Links between entities in Documents are also preserved in a less recoverable format. For example, if you mention some task, it will be exported as [[Task Tracking/Task: Full Task Name]] in markdown. However, it is not recoverable in Fibery for import.


Well… nobody’s perfect :wink:

So, concerning my 3 key missing features in Fibery:

  • 1 in development
  • 1 with a workaround in development and a complete answer to come
  • 1 in development with slightly less than what I expected but I can live with that

Thanks a lot. You really made my day.

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