1:1 Meeting - Limited Visibility

Is it possible to setup meetings in a fashion that would allow for 1:1 meetings where the meeting is only visible to the two individuals in the meeting and not anyone else? For example, I have two direct reports and meet with each of them weekly. I want to be able to collaborate on the agenda and notes with each of them individually, but I wouldn’t want them to see each other’s meetings because there could be performance related discussions.

I’ve looked through the documentation and tried a few things out but couldn’t find a way to make this happen.

Not at the moment, but it should be possible after the new entity-level permissions are implemented (no date yet though).

Until new permissions model is rolled out, you could consider granting access to a meeting entity for a direct via external sharing, i.e. provide them a url to see what’s been written for their specific meeting.
Read-only though unfortunately.

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