Wrong entity type created from RichText "Create Entity" popup

  1. In a RichText field, I select some text and choose “Create Entity” (Ctrl+E).

  2. Then I type the DB name “task”.

  3. Then I hit Ctrl+ENTER.

  4. The created entity is of the wrong type (“Credentials” in my case, instead of Task) –

  1. NOTE: If I move focus away from the browser tab (and then back) before the final button-click (or Ctrl+ENTER), it works correctly.

  2. Separate bug: If I move focus away from the browser tab and then back, the keyboard focus is lost.

I’ve found this to work:

  1. After searching for the db name, then you need to use the up/down arrow key key to select the db (if more than one is in the filtered results)
  2. With the database selected, press enter once to confirm the database
  3. Finally press ctrl + enter to creat the entity.

That seems to work for me.

Thanks for the solution, but it does not change the fact that an entity of the wrong type is created if one does not follow your suggested procedure.

If you continue typing/filtering until only one DB is left in the list, it does not work. You have to stop typing when there are still two or more DB’s shown, and then use the cursor keys to select the right one.