Why does this Rule never fire? (when 1:1 entity is linked)

It should fire when a “Client” is linked to the relation, but it does not fire:

Even after I remove the conditions, it still doesn’t fire:

The “Client” relation in question gets set by this Client rule (it works):

If I manually link a Client entity to the Meeting Notes, the rule does fire.

If the meeting note is created by the second automation, the first won’t be triggered because the client field is not being updated - the meeting note is being created with the client already set, so there is actually no update event to trigger it

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You can add the ‘meeting note created’ trigger and reinstall the filters and it will probably work.

A Meeting Notes entity might be created with a Client already linked at creation time (as in “Create Meeting Notes for Client”) – or not.

So ideally I don’t want to trigger off of “Meeting Notes created”, because at that point its Client field might not be set. That’s why I was trying to use the “entity linked” trigger.

It sounds like I need two separate triggers to cover both cases.

But it’s counter-intuitive that Fibery does not run “entity linked” triggers for links made implicitly by Fibery at entity creation time. Is there a good reason for that?

You can trigger the same automation from both ‘entity created’ and ‘entity updated’. You don’t need two rules.
As for the issue of separating out the two cases (created with link and updated link) I think the current solution is preferable, since there may be occasions where you do want to distinguish them.