Whiteboard zoom is wonky

Is it just me or does scroll-wheel zoom-in or zoom-out change the zoom level in multiples of 5 (roughly)?

If i zoom in with scroll wheel from 10% (minimum) it jumps to 53%. When i continue to zoom out, it jumps to 280%. Next level is 500% (maximum). When i zoom out with scroll wheel , it jumps to 94%, then 18%, and then to 10%. Is this indended behaviour?

I can step-change the zoom level in increments of 25 percentage points with ctrl+ or ctrl- or the in-window controls. I get the same multiple-of-5 behaviour when i zoom with scroll wheel from any zoom level. For instance, zooming out from 150% jumps to 28%.

I have a Kensington trackball, if it matters.

EDIT: I want to add a request, as well. Can the scroll-wheel action default to zoom instead of panning up and down? We already have panning bound to right-click-drag. This would bring the controls in line with Miro, which i feel is more intuitive.

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Iā€™d also like if zoom with scroll wheel increments by 25% in predictable steps. The zoom level jumps when using scroll wheel zoom is a bit jarring. I find I have to use the UI buttons now, and I pan and zoom at lot on the whiteboards, so having to use the UI buttons to zoom is a bit painful.

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Agreed, these simple nav issues definitely contribute to an overall clunky, unpolished feel to whiteboards.