Whiteboard doppelganger

Sometimes when I’m working on a whiteboard I just created, an additional cursor follows me around, as though there is another one of me working on the board at the same time, but copying my exact movements. Also, my avatar shows up twice in the top right corner.
It does not happen every time, so I haven’t figured the steps to reproduce, but FYI, I am using Firefox, in case that’s relevant (and I’m not logged in twice!)

This happens to be a bunch in rich-text fields too. I can recreate it by opening an entity twice: once in full-screen mode and once as a popup right on top of it. That’s sort of understandable. But it does still sometimes happen with just a single instance of an entity open too. Often it goes away after some time (10s to 1 minute). Kind of annoying, and typically makes input sluggish

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I deal with this as well in Rich Text Fields - another instance of the cursor in “my” color elsewhere in the Text fields. Agreed makes input slow, and is one of a host of difficulties and buggy behavior I have in Rich Text manipulation. Others off the top of my head:

  • If I try to create an entity inline and one of the text string is a URL, it breaks the entity creation so I have to manually go back and highlight to create
  • If I try to soft return with “shift” + “return” to create a new line break, which I’m forced to do often to maintain highlights due to this limitation, the new line won’t start if the Rich Text box is not wide enough on the screen. Instead, even though I hit “shift” + “return,” the next character I type is on the same line