When do Entities show up in Linked field when created in Entity Rich Text?

sometimes these “tasks” show up in the list, sometimes they dont. whats the logic behind (and how to force it)?

this is a screenshot from within a “Meeting” entity. two “tasks” got created from the text. non of them show up in the “tasks” list.

i see that there is a filter active, but it does not show the tasks. i get that they are not “linked” to the current document other than that they are referenced. but it would be great, as then it would be possible to create automations like setting the state of a meeting to “has open issues” if there are still open tasks mentioned in it. and add a count of them.

in your demo in my other topic you showed how to create tasks quickly - and they all showed up in here … what am i doing wrong? or where did i set something up in a wrong way? thanks

Hi! This is m2m relation?

I think so, yes

Auto-linking like this works for one-to-many relations only
AThere are too many use cases for m2m, when this auto-linking doesn’t help, so we postponed a better solution for the future)

Ah ok, thats very sad… cause in my case Tasks can be part of multiple meetings.

but i do understand now why it sometimes works and sometimes it does not. thanks!