We've improved Docs greatly this year. Do you still REALLY miss something?

Hi folks.

We’ve spent a lot of effort on Documents in Fibery this year, check all the improvements if you miss something

Yesterday we’ve released the last feature we wanted to add — Embeds.

We are going to stop here so far and focus on other Fibery areas. However, if you REALLY (:face_holding_back_tears:) miss something in Fibery Docs, please reply here and we might consider some last feature for this year.


The docs are really great! Its one of the many reasons i am switching over from a miserabla (:slight_smile: ) time in clickup and coming back to a workflow that was established in Obsidian.

regarding embeds: is it possible to embed clickup entity-rich texts or sections of it? that would be amazing to create dashboards & summary pages

Some things that are really missing in day to day work (or maybe thats there and i cannot find it):

  • export to PDF [[no workaround found but copying into other tool and export from there, cause printing on safari/mac is not creating usable files]]
  • paste markdown [[workaround: paste into clickup, copy clickup interpreted text, paste into doc]]
  • share ~view-only~ (sorry strike though that! there is a “export” button i never saw … thats a view only share) or collab on a single doc via a link (without the need for a login) [[now I do this by copy to google docs which is a nightmare in a workflow]]

But thanks for the great work on docs as its definitely something great to use in combination with the power of fiberys DBs


Are you referring to the rich text field features of entities, e.g. the description field, or only the specific features of Fibery Docs that are not supported by rich text fields? Maybe its good to indicate what these Fibery Docs features are that are not already supported in rich text fields.

Apart from that, in our projects we prevent using Fibery Docs because just using a Document entity type is far more versatile, and I think the future is to have Fibery Docs just being entities or phase them out.

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Rich text fields and Document view use the same underlying tech, so what is possible in one should be possible in the other.
Of course, a rich text field supports embedding context views, which document view doesn’t (since it has no ‘context’) but otherwise there should be little difference between them.

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This is great. After a terrible week, this brings me joy!

(By the way, your documents are AMAZING.)

Here is some real-world feedback from a business perspective: This was the number #1 thing I was looking for in Fibery - and it got released much sooner than I had anticipated.

First, it works with Google Docs and Google Sheets - and this offers an opportunity to fill a need that is hugely underserved at the moment: The ability to use a platform like Fibery in a fully collaborative manner with Google Docs/Sheets without forcing Docs/Sheets users to switch to something else (or at least some of them, like vendors, clients, etc.).

Of course, Coda and Clickup do this. Coda does it very well, but when looking for knowledge management systems or cross-app wikis or the like, SO many companies force you to IMPORT your Google Docs into their system. I spent months looking for something that did not. I think that is a marketing angle you should pursue aggressively.

So Clickup does this, but Clickup just has too much going on. The thought of migrating our existing systems to Clickup felt like I’d be giving everybody seizures in the process.

Coda does it super well, but Coda has no whiteboard and is just different than Fibery. Coda is not laid-out well for document management.

(By the way, I have accounts with all three and chose Fibery.)

Below is a screenshot of what Coda does exceptionally well and how you should aspire to evolve your own embeds. That is a fully collaboratively Google Doc that others can continue working in while the user works in Coda. You’ll notice that it’s full screen, and that it is an “entity” in Coda.

That is an amazingly helpful tool for those who want to use Fibery as their main UI/main app/dashboard while maintaining the ability to incorporate other existing documents - directly in the document manager/file manager structure of Fibery. That’s a huge plus and also gives you a magnetic way to attract new users. Particularly if you introduce some clever way for a user of Fibery (e.g. me) to share with a Google Docs user what they’re missing. :slight_smile: Because let’s face it, a Fibery document is like a 500-lb Gorilla on steroids compared to a Google Doc. At the same time, though, you cannot ignore the sheer volume of Google Docs users. A way to work seamlessly in both is good for the user and good for you.

At the same time, staying in the Fibery ecosystem while working with someone else on a Google Doc is a better, more intuitive experience that enables you to utilize one system while leveraging others, sort of like what makes iPaaS so amazing and elegant.

Edit: One more thing I should have mentioned. I’ve been watching a space for a while, it is essentially the “search here in this ‘space’ (ironically) and also across all your apps, docs, local computer, etc…”

This space has undergone some flux since AI became so much more prominent. Now, of course, AI gives you the ability to do so much more. So if you think about the embed I pointed out - and perhaps starting with only a few (maybe what you already have like Figma, Miro, Google Docs, etc.) you can not only integrate their apps as embeds but also evolve into integrating their contents into your search. That is a logical next step and would be a particularly good one, especially since Google Workspace search is so cumbersome and awful.

Anyway great job!


There is a very simple workaround: print the document and, with/in your printer software, save it as a pdf.


thanks for the tip, but the PDFs that come out of that are formatted badly and at least in safari also text is cut through on page breaks. so not really a workaround.


I think that has more to do with your installed printers/printer drivers and, specifically, your PDF handler. Granted, I’m on PC, but that should not theoretically be any different. Maybe you just need to install a different PDF application.

Mine looks really good. It’s not perfect - for some reason, callouts don’t show the background color - but I bet Fibery could fix that very easily. I use one called Nitro.

on mac print to pdf is a system feature

Love the embeds. Two features I really want before I fully implement “dashboard” style docs throughout my workspace.

  1. Narrow/Wide preferences for all users.
    • Especially with multiple column dashboard style docs, wide view looks significantly better and narrow view looks unusable. There needs to be a way for me to set this for new users to see it wide the first time, rather than being turned off from the dashboard.
  2. “Locking” the document from further editing.
    • I don’t want anyone with editor permissions to be able to accidentally edit the document.

Secretly, I was also hoping that there was a plan to implement document backgrounds similar to Craft.do. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I was guessing that the form view covers / unsplash integration were the precursor to document backgrounds


I will say again what I’ve said around here already, since this seems like a good place to bring it up. I think the best way to use Fibery is to just use entities for all of a teams document needs. They have the advantage of already containing ALL of Fibery’s features, like state, references etc from day one, which was all my team needed. This is how Notion works, and in fact I prefer that approach. There is only one kind of “entity” and it’s a simpler design of the tool. Some of my team actually on their own has gone in at times and tried to set up sections of Fibery that are just Docs, when I had already created that need in db’s with entities, such as “blog posts” which can be fully served with entities I think.

It would help entities to have the ability to display text more dominantly, so the other attributes are not visible. Bringing back bringing back expandable Rich Text boxes would help a great deal with this.



I’ve been missing something but couldn’t figure out what it was. It’s this! I totally agree with you.


Great to get the support for this! Would you be willing to spend a vote on that request? 3 and counting :blush:

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Agree. I suppose with a Documents database you could also easily introduce document versions (as I’ve seen it requested here before) and have document types, tags, and so on.


If this topic applies to Rich Text fields, then Transclusion is the #1 need I encounter.

Use Cases & Benefits:

  • Collective brain: Transclusion supports evolving collaborative platforms, allowing teams to integrate and reference content seamlessly. Lego building content with content is the future.
  • AI Content Creation: With AI suggesting content combinations, Transclusion can pull from existing content for dynamic, relevant suggestions.
  • Knowledge Consistency: Ensure updated information is reflected across all documents, minimizing outdated or conflicting data.

Proposed Features:

  1. Entity-Level Transclusion: Allow transclusion of entire existing entities, enhancing the current # function to display rich text fields. (Plus allow creating new transclusion through select text → turn into new entity with selected text as description field)
  2. Block-Level Transclusion: Enable paragraph or block transclusion, especially if blocks receive light entity properties like the new comment entities.


  • Display Options: Offer ‘teaser’ or full content display, addressing unmet needs in the Feed view.



Just did. BTW I’m new so I didn’t realize that votes were hoarded like gold. I remember asking a dude to vote for something I was looking for and he wouldn’t, lol!

Embeds!!! Finally!


Docs improve a lot! However, we’re still missing mixed list combinations. We usually build processes list or tasks, where the first level is a checkbox item second level can be a simple list or an ordered list. We can’t do that now for some reason.


Flexible (bullet list, numberist list, checkbox… which’s really my pain point about rich text right now) and Outliner (like Roam Research or Reddit comment: it display the right hierarchy of text). the navigation with those really annoying a lot in current
This 's a real thing currently in Obsidian that I wish Fibery have

Also the function I really love 's using hotkey to convert to any type of those
Example: I set Ctrl 1 to turn one row rich text into number list or checkbox
All of those thing’s the thing I really really love in Obsidian when input data