We've improved Docs greatly this year. Do you still REALLY miss something?

I will say again what I’ve said around here already, since this seems like a good place to bring it up. I think the best way to use Fibery is to just use entities for all of a teams document needs. They have the advantage of already containing ALL of Fibery’s features, like state, references etc from day one, which was all my team needed. This is how Notion works, and in fact I prefer that approach. There is only one kind of “entity” and it’s a simpler design of the tool. Some of my team actually on their own has gone in at times and tried to set up sections of Fibery that are just Docs, when I had already created that need in db’s with entities, such as “blog posts” which can be fully served with entities I think.

It would help entities to have the ability to display text more dominantly, so the other attributes are not visible. Bringing back bringing back expandable Rich Text boxes would help a great deal with this.