Want to add your review on G2?

I just noticed that Fibery has only 1 review on the seemingly popular software review/recommendation site G2. So I wrote a review! (based on my Product Hunt comments) I guess it’s in the approval queue.

Anyway, I thought some of the other Fibery users might want to submit one as well. Notion, Ninox, and other competitors have 100s, so Fibery is not well represented! And I think it should be. Word of warning, G2’s review process can be extremely comprehensive, but fortunately you don’t need to fill it all out if you don’t want to.



Thank you so much!

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Good idea! Fibery needs to get more visibility where the “conventional” apps are lurking, no question if we can get some people to try converts will start to emerge right and left. Would love nothing more to see, say, 1k new users here in Discourse responding to the myriad of requests, driving some product direction for @mdubakov and team.

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