Using 'Rank' in formulas?

Does anyone have any examples of using Rank in a formula? I can imagine finding it useful, but since it seems to be a specific data type (not a string, integer, bool etc.) then I can’t figure out how to use it…

Do you have any scenario in mind?

Actually, the question was triggered by this other discussion:

I figured that @Aram_Zadikian might be interested in returning the highest ranking vendor if there was more than one that had the cheapest price…

I also read this discussion page and wondered if a formula based on rank might provide the solution

I have a scenario which I’m trying to use rank for.
Given hierarchy like
Project -> tasks
I noticed that tasks can be sorted within a project using drag&drop

Which I presume is based on rank.

I would like to get highest ranking tasks to appear on top of my task list to make sure that I do them first without going into project to see the order of completion.

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I have no idea if Rank works this way. But if not, a workaround could be to create a Field for “Priority” (or “Rank” or whatever) then create a Kanban board visualizing your Priorities, and you can drag between them to adjust priority. Then in Table view sort by Priority and you have a “do first” list.

The workaround works though we do calculate priority ourselves using complicated different weights.
Rank would be sufficient enough and consider that it’s already exists in the system I don’t see why it cannot be exposed to be used in formulas.
Any reason @mdubakov?

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