Using form views and receiving files

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has been using forms to receive external (outside of company) data with files. I am working on setting up an external work request form for construction projects and I would like to give potential clients a way to upload files. I have tried adding the Fibery file upload to the form and while it works fine to upload files, I am concerned about not being able to back up the files or see them in a conventional file tree. I was also hoping to be able to move files between entities with automations which I don’t think I can currently do. I have considered a Dropbox or OneDrive upload links and was wondering if anyone has built a good implementation of form file upload yet?

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How about going in reverse.
You can let users upload files and then in automation perform backup on files field changed.
If users will give u just Dropbox links it doesn’t give backup guarantee either.