Usability and Performance Issues with Zendesk Integration

Hm…this looks like a Zendesk issue for me then since we don’t refresh access token and the same one is used for time-outed requests and successful ones

If you have other types in mind that are worth importing please share🙏🏻We’ll try to add them as soon as possible

Unfortunately Fibery imports enum fields as plain text right now. But this is something that can be improved in next iterations.

User fields will be added in next iterations. Will keep you updated

If enum fields can only be plain text, then I’d just suggest either fixing that limitation at some point or allowing users to utilize Types for each of the dropdown fields if desired. In other words, if they want the text to show up as a Type allow it, but still sync the data if they don’t.

Otherwise, I think it seems to be getting all the content of the tickets flowing through now.

FYI: support of custom ticket fields has been added recently. Severity should appear after next sync

Thanks, yeah it looks to be coming through now.